DIY Organic White Vinegar Washer Tablets

Our washer is not bring enough for comforter and big blankets, so we take them to the local laundry mat. Carry the jugs of detergent and the comforter is nearly impossible, so we made little laundry detergent tablets to lighten the load! Just use Mother Earth Organic White Vinegar to make homemade laundry detergent.

What you will need: 
• Powered Laundry Detergent 
• Spray bottle 
• Mother Earth Organic White Vinegar 
• Bowl 
• Tablespoon 
• Ice cube mold


  1.  Start by pouring a cup or so of white vinegar into your spray bottle. Then put a couple cups of your powdered laundry detergent into a bowl, and spray it with the vinegar to moisten. You want to get it just damp enough that the mixture forms a clump when you squeeze it in your hand. 

  2. Add one heaping tablespoon of the moistened detergent into each cavity of your ice cube tray (or whatever mold you choose to use). Press the detergent down firmly until it is tightly packed and level. 

  3. Once all of the detergent mixture is packed into your mold, allow the tabs to dry completely. This usually takes about 12 hours.

  4. When the tabs are dry, pop them out of the mold and put them into an airtight storage container.